News from the world of IT (5. 6. - 12. 6. 2015)

News from the world of IT (5. 6. – 12. 6. 2015)

The past week was marked by Apple. Apple has prepared many news for us. Microsoft hasn´t overslept too with its communication tool Skype.

Microsoft fixed quickly a critical bug in Skype

The most popular tool for VoIP, Skype, was very vulnerable in recent versions. Only 8 correct characters, which was sent to another user, could throw off the whole program – erase or reinstall didn´t help. Microsoft responded very quickly and corrected it. If you don´t update, you rectify it. More information

Jony Ive „elevated“ – perhaps leaves

Vice president, chief designer and one on the main men of Apple company, Jony Ive, has a new title Chief Design Officer. He couldn´t advance somethere and his influence in Apple was practically unlimited. Speculations are appeared, that it is a smart step how cover his oncoming departure. What do you think about Ivy´s departure from Apple? More information

Apple Watch heading to other 7 countries – The Czech Republic is missing

Intelligent watches Apple Watch are heading to other 7 countries. Apple Watch will start to sell in several major countries from 26th of June, but the Czech or Slovak Republic aren´t in this list. Favourable information is that the sale of Apple Watch should be faciliate to Apple partners. Partners in the Czech Republic are iStyle of Alza. Maybe we wait very soon. More information

Woman throw away Apple 1 – computer for 7 million CZK

When American woman cleared old electronics from garage after deceased husband she discovered to computer Apple 1, whose market value is now about 250,000 dollars, almost 7 million CZK. Everything was discovered in the sorting line in recycling center. So if you prepared for summer cleaning – Apple 1 won´t threw away. More information

Change of the CoolEMAIL Service

On contrary, Coolhousing decided to increase the disk space, significantly. The current space of 80GB has increased to 120GB for each domain. Apart from the disk size, stability, reliability and availability mean the CoolEMAIL email hosting program is an ideal solution for your mailhosting. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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