Own Microsoft licenses with Coolhousing servers

Own MS licenses for Coolhousing servers

Our clients frequently ask us, if they can use own licenses on servers from us. Answer on this question is easy from the first sight: „Yes, It is possible“. However, it depends on, which kind of service and for what purpose client has certain server.

Customer can use own licenses (e.g. Runtime license), if they are used on own server. If you use shared physical server, thus you cannot use own license at all.

If you use dedicated server from the Coolhousing Data Center, you will use own licenses without any problem. Also, you can use your licenses on the server, where you operate own virtualization (e.g. MS SQL Runtime). Same situation is valid with serverhousing, when the server is owned by client.

Dedicated vs. Shared server

What Runtime license is?

MS SQL Server Runtime is a kind of license that allows various vendors of their own software solutions to use MS SQL Server as part of the supplied solution. It often happens that the customer acquires his own CRM or accounting software, for example, together with MS SQL, which he uses during the installation of the acquired software and installs this software, including all equipment, on a server from Coolhousing.

You must have an OS for MS SQL

The MS SQL alone is not enough. You must have the operation system – Remote Desktop Licence etc. There is no need to buy this OS, you can easily rent it from us within our SPLA agreement.

You cannot combine two identical licenses from other sources

However, what is not possible is the combination of SPLA and other single product license models on one’s own hardware. In other words, if you already have your own MS SQL license on the server, we can no longer supply you with MS SQL via SPLA within this one implementation. Nevertheless, if you need another license product, there will be no limitation to rent it.

More virtual servers operating on one server

In the case, you want to move your license on the virtual server, which is part of many virtual servers used also by many users and operating on the physical server provided by some provider, situation will be complicated, read more.

Basic rules for using own licences on the provider infrastructure

Customer can use any of own licenses on his dedicated server, which is operating on physical server of provider´s infrastructure service (see below the short article from Microsoft Product Terms 06-2019).

short article from Microsoft Product Terms 06-2019

However, if client wants to migrate own licenses on physical server, which is shared with another clients and the server is managed by some provider (Coolhousing virtual servers), it could be done only by products with License Mobility through Software Assurance. These kinds of licenses it could be use only on nonshared server (standard service of virtual server).

If you want to use own MS licenses within Coolhousing Datacenter virtual servers, you must have:

  • Licenses with active Software Assurance
  • License Mobility through Software Assurance (SQL Server, applicable servers Office, System Center Server ML)
  • All access licenses must have valid SA, or USL licenses, which is similar (for example Exchange Server User Standard CAL Lic/SA instead of Exchange Online Plan1)
  • You have to be Authorized Mobility Partner
  • Filling of License Mobility Verification Form
  • You have to fill documents again, if you want: Add new product; SA update; change of Authorized Mobility Partner
  • Send License Mobility Verification Form Microsoft

Microsoft license web License Mobility through Software Assurance contains all information for customers and SPLA partners.

Easy solution by Coolhousing

As you can see, the Microsoft conditions is very difficult and complicated, there is a question, if using of own licenses makes any sense. But there is the solution without these forms and complicated bureaucracy. You can rent these licenses easily and nicely without any worries by Coolhousing Datacenter. Thanks to Coolhousing you can make an upgrade or downgrade any of your products during rented period.

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