Safe data storage for Coolhousing hosting services

Safe data storage for Coolhousing hosting services

Do you need more disk space for your hosting services in order to better appreciate a reliable and individual backup storage? Then you can use external data storage offered by Coolhousing. Coolhousing data storage offers large disk space tailored to your specific needs as well as various access protocols and automatic data backup.

Coolhousing is extending its range of hosting programmes by adding external data storage services. By ordering this service you will get a disk space between 25 and 10,000 GB on a professional Coolhousing data storage server. To achieve maximum performance and data security our storage is based on RAID field and automatically replicates and backs your storage. In case of a failure of the primary data storage the backup automatically takes over and provides you with uninterrupted data flow.

Supported network protocols

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Standard protocol used to transfer files. Works only together (above) with TCP protocol.

SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol. Uses SSH for file transfers. It encodes data and commands and therefore, it does not transfer sensitive information over the network in an easily readable form. It provides higher security level than FTP protocol.

RSYNC – Fast Incremental File Transfer. It minimizes the amount of the transferred data using delta encoding. That means, it transfers only different data and not the entire files. Unlike other protocols, it executes only one transfer in each direction during data mirroring process.

SMB – Server Message Block. Protocol used mainly to access shared files and mostly known in the world of Microsoft Windows (printer and file sharing) and available on most today’s platforms.

NFS – Network File System. It enables the user to connect an external hard drive, which appears on the client system as a local hard drive. It mostly operates together and above UDP protocol, popular in the world of Linux.

“By conducting a research among selected customers, we learned that our customers require additional data storage space. Some customers who use our dedicated servers and server housing services, require external data storage to store data outside of their physical server, and also customers who use virtual servers appreciate the extension of the available disk space”, says the representative of Coolhousing Karel Umlauf and explains the motivation of Coolhousing to provide external data storage services and also adds: “During the preparation of our services we wanted to be able to offer sufficient capacities, operation of professional storage devices as well as to provide the necessary security, which includes the relevant access rights and automatic data replication in the backup storage”.

At present, each Coolhousing storage server is equipped with 24 hard drives each with 2 TB of storage space designed for enterprises and large companies. Hardware controller Areca 1680ix installed in every server controls four linearly connected RAID 5 fields. The total formatted capacity is 40 TB. The heart of our servers is a quad-core processor Intel Xeon E5603.

For the access will be available following protocols: SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), RSYNC (Fast Incremental File Transfer), FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SMB (Server Message Block) or (Network File System), whereas the first to protocols may be encoded and secured via private/public key. As a standard feature, all protocols are secured with login name and password and do not allow access from certain IP addresses within the Coolhousing network or the Internet. Several users may access the data storage including an option to set up read-only rights or rights allowing data overwrite and read out.

Entire pricelist you can find on https://www.coolhousing.net/en/data-storage.

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