The data center Coolhousing is getting stronger

The data center Coolhousing is getting stronger

Within the context of significant improve its service and performance Czech hosting provider Coolhousing upgraded their electrical equipment in few weeks ago. Further investments are just prepared!

new power backup generator

In the regarding of the growing demand for services of datacenter Coolhousing, extensive technical infrastructure development took place in September and October 2016. Thanks to these interventions, power backup capacity was increased by 100 kW. A brand new module backup battery of central UPS of secondary power circuit and new diesel engine were installed as well. These massive investments have ensured not only more stable technical infrastructure of the data center Coolhousing, higher security and availability of offered services, but also satisfaction of growing customer demand for several years.

During these necessary interventions, albeit planned and prepared carefully, some complications have occured. Nevertheless, this ensurement of sufficient power capacity is a major strategic advantage in the long term.

Another investments will planned within a connectivity and datacenter expansion in next months. Within connectivity, the major investment will be aimed to increasing of internal network throughput by 500% and within expansion of data center, space of third server room will be expanded, which will be accompanied by several dozen new rack towers.

With these investments a personal matter is related. Technical department will be expanded by new server administrators and technical support specialists. The technical department due to growing portfolio of services and clients should be employed two new administrators and specialists by the end of the year 2016.

We hope, that these infrastructure interventions will be positively accepted by our clients and look forward to new clients, whose individual request, we like to hear.

Thank you very much for your trust.

Coolhousing Team

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