The reverse charge in telecommunication services

The reverse charge in telecommunication services

We would like to inform you about Tax changes, especially in the mode of the reverse charge in the Czech Republic and its extension into selected telecommunication services.

On 31 August, the government of Czech Republic approved an amendment (extension) of the government decree n. 361/2014 of Coll., on setting goods delivery or service provision for using the mode of reverse tax charge, with implementation de iure/de facto from October 1, 2016. What does decree mean for customers of Coolhousing?

Coolhousing´s hosting services belongs among the reverse charge. Thus, every client has to realise, whether is on the end of chain (retail) or service/services provides to the another customer (wholesale). After that, you have to answer on next three questions:

  • 1) Are you registrated in the Czech Republic?
  • 2) Is service of Coolhousing redistributed to another customer for fee?
  • 3) Are you VAT depositor?

If all of your answers are YES, so there is big possibility, that you will belong to this mode.

We understand, that this proces could be confusing for you. But don´t be confused. Contact us and we are ready to resolve this issue with you in smooth and easy way.

Coolhousing Team

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