Datacenter against Covid

Anti-COVID precautions at Coolhousing Data center

Our priorities are not only network, system and clients technology security, but also health of our employees and yours, our customers. Since the beginning of this week, we have extended precautions, which should reduce a community transmissions of COVID-19 on the lowest level

We have accepted several security steps to prevent a spread of a virus as much as possible at the Coolhousing data center, based on the recent exponential increase in the number of infected in the Czech Republic.

Negative test is the most important

1) Regular testing

Every employee of Coolhousing s.r.o., whose work requires a physical presence in the data center, is tested for the presence of viral substances in his/her body at least once a week

2) Distribution of equipment

The respirators of the class FFP2 and higher are weekly distributed to all employees and especially to employees working in the data center

Vitamin support - vitamin C,D and Zinc

3) Vitamin supplements

Every employee receives a vitamin package for regular use, consisting of vitamin C, D and Zinc

4) Regular cleaning of exposed spaces

The most exposed areas are regularly cleaned at the data center and offices

Wear respirator before entering to our DC

5) Visits of data center

Every visitor of the Coolhousing data center should had a covered airway before entering one of server rooms in the past. However, now it is strongly recommended to wear a respirator of the class FFP2 and higher

There are still so many alternatives to the physical visit. You can use free transport of your technologies to our data center, remote management via KVM over IP, or the remote hands service, which could be used every month as part of colocation services for free. We have already informed you about these possibilities here.

We believe, that all these steps will lead to the elimination of the potential spread of the virus in our data center, and that these measures will contribute at least a little to better situation in the Czech Republic

Coolhousing team

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