Coolhousing – February 2010

February 2010 is a month of major changes for server hosting Coolhousing, changes across the entire hosting. Few days have passed and we already completed migration of main website to new CMS with IPv6 support, increased efficiency of order form, acquisition of new module for central UPS and change of foreign connectivity provider.

The first change that could be noticed at first sight was transfer from CMS Joomla 1.0 to 1.5. Thanks to this transfer we have succeeded to implement several new elements into the whole website, and last but not least the very looks of our website have been optimized.

Similar to our British website www.coolhousing.co.uk new order form was implemented to help you better specify your orders. More efficient order form will contribute to faster launch of the service into operation, and eliminate number of unclear points.

In connection with the British mutation of the website Twitter account Coolhousing was created where we are trying to inform of current situation in the server room as regularly and briefly as possible. Connect yourself and follow the news – it is that easy.

Another considerable piece of news (520 kg of weight) is the new module for our central UPS. Its delivery and launch into operation came almost a year after the primary block had been installed. Server room No. 2, which is filling in all the time, was re-connected to the new block. There is space for last 5 racks, so if you’re thinking of getting a rack for your server, do not hesitate.

The last piece of news, however not last by its importance, is the change of foreign connectivity provider we talked about in the previous article. The first week of operation is proving this change was a good idea.

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