Hewlett-Packard dedicated servers by COOLHOUSING are a quality guarantee. This is true of not only the HW because we currently supply HP dedicated servers featuring such connectivity and extra services that make these servers simply irresistible.

Coolhousing.net, the leading provider of server hosting services introduces a scrapping bonus for used servers. You will obtain up to € 100,- as a consideration for your used server for purchase of a new dedicated server from the currently offered range of products. It is sufficient to submit a certificate of disposal of the used server or to bring the used, however complete server directly in the data center of COOLHOUSING.NET

April continues in the spirit of changes in coolhousing server hosting. Improvement of quality of the services passes across the complete spectrum from server housing through dedicated servers up to the dedicated foreign lines.

A new central UPS providing higher protection of client devices against power failure was installed in the premises of COOLHOUSING.NET data center. It is a modern UPS with excellent input parameters without the necessity of complementing additional filters, multi-pulse rectifiers, etc. UPS 70NET series works on an on-line basis with dual voltage conversion. Controlling of the power supply and parallel cooperation is based on DSP (Digital Signal Processor). This revolutionary principle ensures very fast response to any load requirements and requirements of the UPS itself. It optimizes battery charging and ensures uniform load of parallel-connected UPSs.

Since 1st January 2009 the COOLHOUSING.NET serverhosting network fully natively supports the IPv6 protocol. Along with the standard number of IPv4 addresses the /64 range of addresses is also provided for all hosting models. Current clients can request their IPv6 range of addresses at a later date. Those unsure what the IPv6 offers will find information in the following introduction.

What About Having Them Both! We have spent some time here on the blog of Server Housing COOLHOUSING.NET discussing the issue of energy and energy consumption. Server Housing COOLHOUSING.NET recently decided to take the first step and give some benefits to servers with lower space and energy requirements.

Webalizer is a fast, freely distributable application analyzing log files of a web server. These statistics create detailed and easily adjustable output reports in the HTML format that can be viewed in any standard web browser.

FTP protocol is one of the most used transfer protocols. FTP means File Transfter Protocol. A lot of users know this protocol from FTP clients. However more advanced users or server administrators also use FTP servers, which allow them to benefit from invaluable services.

Computer infiltration means unauthorised entering programme code into computer system in order to perform undesired (often concealed) activities. Currently, there are about 80,000 types of infiltration (according to AEC) with 500 to 800 new types appearing every month. The problem is that classification is not unified and types are difficult to differentiate from mutations of the type. Based on behaviour and programme code construction we can differentiate the bellow types of infiltration.

AWStats is a freeware tool generating advanced web, stream, ftp and email statistics into a graphic environment. This server log analyser works as CGI from the command line and displays all available information contained in logs on several graphic websites. Since AWStats often uses small parts of information files at a time, there is no problem processing large log files which also affects the speed. It is capable of analysing log files from all major server applications, e.g. Apache log (NCSA combined/XLF/ELF log format or common/CLF log format), WebStar, IIS (W3C log format) and many other web, proxy, wap, stream, mail and some ftp servers.

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