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PTR record is a piece of information based on which the DNS realises IP address ---> name translation. PTR records are not recorded in the same zone as the others (e.g. A or CNAME records) but in their own zone, the name of which starts with a seemingly strange word identifier (including something like addr arpa etc.) and ends with the reverse order of IP network octets. The problem with mail is the purpose PTR records are sometimes used for: if the client requires a service on the Internet, the inquiry is sent and the target server tries to perform a reverse translation based on the sender's IP -- if the PTR record and its zone exist and are "visible", the action results in translation to your domain name, thus confirming your existence. If the translation fails, some servers will deny their services.

We are here with the hottest Cool IT NEWS again. Let's look at the new Knot Resolver, Intel´s plan with new processors or security news.

The access to the server room S3 will be limited from Monday, October 20 to Sunday, October 26, 2018. The reason of this limitation is a construction and technical work on the expanding of that server room.

The Intel announced new SSD drive for rack. The Debian unifies su behaviour. The Linux 4.18 is out now.

A big summer refreshment is prepared for all clients in the Coolhousing datacenter in August! Come to our datacenter, enjoy summer with ice cream and be cool with us!

If you're lucky and sitting in an air-conditioned room, you will definitely read Cool IT NEWS. We have a regular summary of the most interesting IT news for you.

If you have not been drowned in your own sweat yet, we have a fresh Cool IT News for you. Let's have a look on the Lidl, try to save one failed existence and we laugh at Xeon. And security news is included as well.

This is another guide which will help you manage your virtual servers. Based on the feedback received from our customers, the previous article first step with VPS was very popular and helpful. Because the installation and administration of virtual servers running on the Windows operating system is a little bit different, we have decided to create a detailed manual to help you handle virtual servers running on MS Windows Server.

“Hello, I found out that my server has restarted unintentionally. Do you have any idea why?”. Our technical support receives precisely this question over and over again. Unfortunately, we reply by asking another question: “How did you configure automatic updates?”, and the customer is not sure. One of the most frequent causes for the restart of a virtual server running MS Windows is the above-mentioned automatic update feature.

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