In the default setting, the IPv4 and IPv6 address is assigned to the server by the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol). However, this protocol is not suitable for the server environment and therefore static IP addresses should be configured. Go back to the Server Manager and open the Local Server menu; then, select the Ethernet option by clicking on IPv4 address assigned by DHCP, IPv6 enabled.

Some time ago we published a guide on how to set a static IP address in the Windows operating system on your VPS. The reason for publishing this process is the fact that IP addresses are assigned to VPS by DHCP. However, the DHCP protocol is not intended for deployment, and therefore it is suitable to set a static IP address for a virtual server.

No more driving around the entire data center and searching for some free parking spot! Now you can choose from 6 parking spots, which are located 10 metres from our data center entrance.

What is new? New Ubuntu version for virtualization, or faster compression of small files. Of course, few interesting security news won´t be missed.

The Coolhousing Data Center offers now even more stable, faster and more available virtual servers services. On Friday and Saturday, July 13 and 14, a scheduled upgrade was made and, thereby the quality of virtualization services in all parameters was improved significantly.

Many technicians and clients spend a lot of time in the foyer of our data center. For a long time, we've been thinking how to make your work and visit more enjoyable. And since we know that most IT administrators love good coffee, we've placed a new automatic coffee maker in our foyer that will make great coffee in a few seconds.

A new version of the Tails is out, the CZ.NIC published the dns-collector source code and China will try to change its great chinese firewall for tourists. Have a nice weekend from Coolhousing!

Based on an internal security analysis, the Coolhousing data center has decided to take several precautions within the VNC console, which is available for all virtual servers. These precautions will increase not only the security but also the performance of virtual servers (VPS) and virtual dedicated servers (VDS).

The CESNET´s 25th anniversary. If you were not on the CSNOG, we have videos from this conference. And security news won´t be missed.

The Coolhousing Data Center has become the proud sponsor of a humanitarian project called the Most ProTibet since june 2018. The project helps to extend education and improve living conditions in the Tibet.

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