Between storm and hailstorm, we bring a new Cool IT News. So let's see what the week gave us...

We had not been lazy and we collected interesting IT news for you. The most interesting and the most cool news we summarize in a traditional overview for you.

Python comes with PEP, NetworkManager supports Thunderbolt, videos from CryptoFest are available. This is Cool IT News no. 76!

This week was full of anniversaries. The Towel Day or 20th anniversary of CZ.NIC. Also, let's have a look on other IT news.

Czech Turris Mox goes to the production. AquilaOS comes and brings nothing new. Secure news and some gossips won´t be miss. Have a nice Friday!

Due to higher security and ended support for Windows Server 2008 R2 by Microsoft company, this operation system was removed from available installation media of Coolhousing Data Center virtualization offer.

32-bit architecture is dead. You know it? In Ubuntu, they know it, right now. Same situation is occured at Microsoft – they finally introduce an extended unix line endings after 30 years.

Another week is here, and we can not forget our cool selection of the best and most interesting stuff that was happened in the IT in recent days. So, lets go for it!

We have prepared another overview of the greatest IT news. Enjoy it and be COOL!

Another Friday is here. It is great, huh? Together with it, we have 70th Cool IT NEWS! Let's go!

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