Cool IT News 59

Cool IT News 59

Maybe you live by presidential election in Czech republic, but it is not good to ignore IT news. What's new in the past week?

Price change of MS RDP and SQL licenses

Change of licenses price by Microsoft

From January 1, 2018, Microsoft has implemented a new license pricelist to all SPLA partners, including the Coolhousing datacenter. Because we always want to be one step ahead; we assumed this move of Microsoft at the Coolhousing in January 1, 2017 and we already transformed entire infrastructure and customer infrastructure into a new licensing model year ago. And nowadays this work has returned to you and to us.

Cool IT News 58

Cool IT News 58

We are not lazy, we are cool! That's why we have other IT and security news for you. So, come on and see what's new.

Security maintenance of virtualization services part 2

Security VPS maintenance part 2

Dear customers, a night security update has been successfully completed at January 5, 2018 and all the underlying virtualization servers have been updated as we planned. Unfortunately, the critical error can also affect the virtualization platform itself. Due to this reason, we have completed the preparation and testing of a new version of the virtualization platform, and the second part of the maintenance will take place during this evening and morning.

Update of virtio drivers for MS Windows

Virtio drivers update

Within virtual server services by Coolhousing datacenter the virtio driver was extensively upgraded to version 0.1.141. The upgrade has been proceed due to older drivers that could caused instability of virtual servers with OS Windows (such as blue screen, spontaneous reboots, etc.). New drivers are automatically applied to all newly installed virtual servers running under MS Windows Server 2012, 2012 R2 and 2016. Drivers for MS Windows Server 2008 R2 are not prepared, yet.

Cool IT News 57

Cool IT News 57

Happy new year! This is time for Cool IT News! News with the most interesting and cool parts of the world of IT, which happened the last week!

Security maintenance of virtualization services

Security VPS maintenance

Dear customers, a critical error was detected at hardware level of Intel´s processors few days ago. This error requires a very fast security fix by updating of the operating system on all physical and virtual servers.

Cool IT News 56

Cool IT News 56

Merry Christmas coins, gain more from bitcoins…Pardon. Christmas mood is around us. However, the coolest news is prepared for you, as always.

PF 2018


Entire Coolhousing datacenter team wish you a festive Christmas season and happy and successful start in 2018!

The plenty of news and celebrations are prepared for you in 2018! The Coolhousing datacenter will celebrate 15th anniversary and you can celebrate with us! We have prepared interesting sales and new services for you. Thank you for your loyalty and we will look forward to the next successful cooperation with you in the following year!

New year 2018

Coolhousing Team

Cool IT News 55

Cool IT News 55

OpenBSD integrates ARM64. AMD accesses the Vulkan driver. BIRD 2.0 supports both IPv4 and IPv6.


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